Can you remember a time when you encountered a “No” to something you were certain was supposed to be a “Yes”? 

When this happens, we often find ourselves labeling the person or thing that gave us the “No” as a “dream-stealer” who derailed us from the very thing we were meant to do. It becomes easy to listen to a self-destructive voice—one rooted in negativity and lies.

Most of us offer thanks to God for the things that did work out and for the prayers that were answered. But perhaps it is time to start offering thanks to all of the “No’s”…the things that didn’t work out. 

Not long ago, I decided to sit down and write an actual thank-you note to each “No” that I had, at one time, resented. As I did this, God began to show me the hundreds of “Yes’s” that had occurred as a result of the “No’s” I once wept over. In some cases, He showed me that I simply was not ready for a “Yes.” In other cases, He allowed me to see that the person or situation was not yet ready for me

It’s time to go back to the moment where a “No” shut you down. Now take that “No” and connect it to all the “Yes’s” it produced. Forgive those you thought stole your dream. They were simply part of your story. 

You will begin to see the word “No” in a whole new light. 

You may even need to buy a new box of thank-you notes. 

Psalm 30:5 “Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning.”