Have you ever been standing at a crossroads of a significant life decision, and someone tells you to write out a pros and cons list for each scenario? Yet, despite your valiant efforts, and every pros and cons list at your disposal, you are still stuck in the mire of indecision.

For example, my Senior in high school is in the fun (not so fun) process of deciding where to go to school. She told me a few weeks ago, “Mom, I’m not afraid of making the wrong decision. I’m just afraid of not making the right one.” I scratched my head for a moment, looked at her, and said, “Aren’t those the same thing?” She said, “None of the choices are wrong. It’s just that I want to choose the most right one.” 

She knew she would be fine choosing any of the schools left on her list. It’s just that she wanted to select the BEST one for her. Even after creating an extensive pros and cons list for each school, the clarity was still playing hide and seek. 

This is because life’s complexities cannot always be simplified into tidy lists of advantages and disadvantages. If every decision could be made so effortlessly, our lives would lack the vibrant tapestry of experiences that provide us the opportunity to rely fully on and deepen our trust in God. 

But all things being equal, there are times you just have to take a step even if you are not 100% certain of which one is the most right one. There are moments when you must venture forward, even in the absence of complete certainty regarding the best course of action. As my friend Kelly Smith wisely puts it, “Your life is not so fragile that God cannot guide you back on track if you happen to make a misstep while advancing.”

Practically speaking, here are three things to do when faced with ambiguity on a big decision:

  1. Pray for wisdom. God will generously give it to you. 
  2. Pay attention to peace. Be aware of what choice most resonates with your Knower!
  3. Proceed in faith. Move forward with conviction, trusting that He will accompany you throughout the journey.

When we trust God in the face of ambiguity, we also embrace His grace, knowing that He can turn even the most uncertain situations into unexpected opportunities and supernatural surprises.