Last week, I excitedly shared an idea with a stranger seated next to me on an airplane, convinced I had a captive audience. But when they promptly slipped on their noise-canceling headphones, I realized that ‘captive’ didn’t necessarily mean ‘willing.’

When was the last time you had a thought, idea, or longing stirring in your soul so powerful that you couldn’t wait to share it with someone? You were hoping they’d catch a glimmer of your excitement, but the response was less enthusiastic than expected. Suddenly, your dream felt deflated—all because you allowed someone else’s skepticism into your mind. 

Imagine your thoughts, dreams, and ideas as a cup of tea.
It’s a blend unique to you, filled with creativity, hope, and endless potential.

The cups you choose to pour it into symbolize the people you share your dreams with.
When you pour your tea into a cup that’s receptive, your ideas flourish, and your vision is cherished. But pour it into the wrong cup, and you might find it cracked, your passion leaking away, unappreciated by someone who doesn’t see its value.

Here’s the key: Recognize when to stop pouring, when to hold back your tea, secure in your vision and purpose. Honor and protect what stirs within you by considering the following four practical steps: 

  • Choose the Right Cups: Seek those who appreciate your dreams and passions, lifting them higher. Your ideas deserve a receptive audience.

  • Cease Overpouring: Don’t waste your dreams on those who won’t value them. Consider how draining it can be to continually seek approval from someone who is dismissive, compared to the joy of engaging with someone who truly appreciates your ideas.

  • Celebrate It Yourself: Revel in your uniqueness. Embrace it. Spend time doing what you love, even if others don’t understand it. Your joy doesn’t need outside approval.
  • Create Your Own Tea Party: Form connections with like-minded where everyone’s unique flavors are celebrated.

Don’t be disheartened by the cups that cannot contain or appreciate your spirit. Not everyone has to be your cup of tea. Keep pouring into the places that value your authenticity, and trust that your true worth will resonate with those meant to be in your journey.

The world is eager for what only you can offer.
Serve it with boldness and joy, knowing that the right cups are ready to savor every drop.
Your tea, your essence, is a gift to the world.
Pour wisely.