Imagine this:
You are seated comfortably on an extraordinary train.
In a compartment uniquely yours.
You are headed towards a thoughtfully prepared destination.
Also created just for you.

Now picture yourself spending each day strolling through every compartment, focused only on winning the approval of everyone aboard.
Regardless of their relevance to your life or journey, you pour your emotional and mental energy into a futile endeavor, desperate to gain their acceptance.

By day’s end, you find yourself back in your own space, your true purpose left untouched and neglected. Why? Because your attention was hijacked, held hostage by the ever-changing tide of others’ opinions. This preoccupation not only led you off course but also effectively derailed you from your true objective and the unique mission that only you were crafted to accomplish.

In his infinite wisdom, God knows precisely who we need to share our carriage with, who we need to cross paths with at specific stations, and with whom we need favor for His greater purpose. So we don’t need to pull the emergency brake or attempt to take over the controls.

Practically speaking, when God wants us to have favor with someone, He ensures they board our train. He adjusts the timetables, orchestrates the connections, and manages the journey in a way that is beyond our understanding.
The peace that comes from knowing that God is in charge of these connections is liberating.
His timetable is always impeccable.
All we need to do is trust in His divine orchestration and enjoy the ride.