I love my dog, Tucker.
Like he is my own child.
Minus the whole birthing part.
But as much as I adore him, it doesn’t change the fact that taking him for a walk
is on my list of Things I’d Avoid If I Could.

He never went to dog training school.
Or any school, for that matter.
Therefore, I don’t walk him.
He walks me.

He has a 30-minute path he likes to take in our neighborhood and absolutely does not want to deviate from it.
Except he stops every five minutes.
And refuses to move.
Until he feels like walking again.
Which means you could be waiting a while unless you pick him up and carry him.
Guilty as charged.

Adding to all of this, I happen to be the ONLY Donovan that he allows to walk him.
I used to dread these walks so much that I’d take extra laps in the car before going home, secretly hoping he’d be too tired or miraculously decide to walk himself.

So three weeks ago, I decided to change the narrative.
If I had to walk Tucker, could I find a way to embrace and even cherish this time?
Was that even possible?
I’m happy to report that the answer is a resounding yes.

I began to see Tucker’s walks not as a chore, but as a chance to unplug.
To think and just be.
To pray for my family and ponder the day.
To listen to a podcast I hadn’t made time for.
Or to call my mom. Or just walk in total silence.
To thank God for His artwork in the Oklahoma sunset.
Or laugh at how dogs greet each other on the street.
One of the best parts has been the creative solutions and innovative ideas that started flowing in a new way.

It’s not that the walk itself changed.
What changed was HOW I viewed it.
It altered my irritation on the walk.
And it actually fueled my soul.

So today, I challenge you to think of one thing you dread.
That task you’d rather delegate than do.
What is your walk with Tucker?

Now, let’s flip the script.
Take that thing and realize there is a hidden get-to inside that have-to.
It is not about tricking yourself into relentless positivity.
Or faking that you enjoy something you obviously don’t.

But It IS about seeing the hand of God in every detail of your life.
It’s about seeing His fingerprints on the ordinary.
And it is listening as He whispers the most profound truths into your heart.

Now, when you do the dishes, you can be thankful and say a prayer for each person who sat at your table that evening.
Stuck in traffic? Use it as a chance to learn something new, like an audiobook or a language, turning that time into a new hobby.
Organizing your home? It’s an opportunity to declutter, both physically and mentally.

It’s not the task itself that transforms.
It is your perception of it.
By choosing to see the hidden value in these moments, even the most routine activities can turn into the highlights of your day.
It is when your UGH finally turns into your AHH!
And your dread turns into delight.
And that, my friend, changes everything.