An overactive imagination can be both a blessing and a curse.
It’s a source of both exhilaration and anxiety. It fills your nights with brilliant ideas and stirs your soul with creativity.
Yet, it can also start a series of disastrous “what if” scenarios that keep you teetering on the edge of imagined calamities.

We imagine the worst possible outcomes and then plead with God to give us the grace to cope with these self-imposed crises.
God doesn’t give grace for our fabricated fears, no matter how artfully crafted they may be.
His grace is reserved for our reality—the authentic, tangible challenges we encounter daily.

Practically speaking, when you find yourself ensnared in a maze of hypotheticals, take a moment to ask: does this concern what ‘might be’ or what ‘is?’
Every second you spend dwelling in the “might be” realm is time lost from experiencing true rest, peace, and freedom.
Life on this side of heaven is short, and we should not waste a moment of it in an imaginary world clouded by the anxiety of what “might be.”

The transformative truth is that God IS present in your “what is.”
Therefore, shut down any vain imagination for what might be.
And embrace the fullness of the grace available for the here and now.
That grace is not only sufficient but also readily available to guide you through reality.
He will meet you in your current circumstances and carry you through with grace that surpasses all understanding.


P.S. One of my dearest and wisest friends, Kelly Smith, is the source of this blog’s title. It is a quote she faithfull lives by each day.