Have you ever been involved in something that seemed like such a good idea but never produced any fruit? Where you kept trying to move forward, but you felt like your feet were stuck in quicksand? For those of us “get it done” kind of people who like to move forward on any good idea that comes our way, this experience can be all too familiar.

The problem comes when we move forward on a “good idea” without God’s leading and blessing. We can get so sidetracked doing the good things that we miss out on the purpose God has created us for.Just because something is a good thing…
does not mean it is a God thing.

Just because it earns the world’s applause…
does not mean it is a God thing.
And just because something was a God thing in one season…
Does not mean it will be in the next one.

There was a time in the first few years of Rustic Cuff that I acted on almost every “good” idea that came to me. I was still learning to discern between good ideas and God ideas. And trust me: there is a vast difference! Without the discernment of the Holy Spirit, we can find ourselves choosing a good thing and missing out on the God thing.  Good ideas may produce some fruit, but they will always fall short of the full abundance God ideas will bring.

Today, if you give me a choice between good things and God things, I will choose God things every single time. I would rather sit and wait for one God idea than execute 100 good ideas. God ideas have the extra element of God’s anointing that simply “good” ideas are missing. That anointing is God’s supernatural power, and it transcends what we could ever make happen with our own strength.  When you wait for a God idea, the impossible becomes possible.

What projects and relationships are you involved in that are good, but not His best? What have you given your “yes” to without waiting for His divine direction? Ask for discernment to know the difference between good and God, and He will undoubtedly show you.