Four simple words. 

Yet so powerful. 

This phrase also happens to be the defining legacy of my mom. In every single thing that happens in her life and in the lives of her children and grandchildren, she sees the hand of God and takes the time to say, “How big is God!” She’s said it hundreds, if not thousands, of times…and never with a question mark at the end. It always has an exclamation point! 

When my mom exclaims, “How big is God!,” she is not simply referring to human standards of size and measurement. There is no object or spatial size that can even begin to compare to the vastness of God! She is referring to the same big God of the universe who also knows every single hair on our heads. 

Not a sparrow falls to the ground without God knowing. So of course he is involved and orchestrating the details of our lives. Not a single thing happens that takes Him by surprise.

Growing up, my three brothers and I would respond to Mom with, “That was just a coincidence. Surely things can line up in life that are just coincidental?” Often, this is how we like to explain unexpected events or meetings.

But when we only want to attribute God’s bigness to the big things in our lives, we are attributing all of the minuscule things to chance or coincidence. And the Creator of the entire universe does not leave the small events in our lives up to serendipity. 

Once that takes root in your heart, you will begin to say with boldness, “How big is God!”…even about the smallest of details that seemingly wouldn’t matter to a God who has billions of requests every day.