Imagine walking into a routine appointment and walking out as part of an extraordinary love story.
That’s exactly what unfolded one unassuming morning at the doctor’s office.
Behind the desk was Mary, a new receptionist with infectious optimism.
“You seem like such a nice girl,” she said to me out of the blue, “Do you have any single friends?”
It was more than small talk; it was a leap of faith.

I immediately thought of my husband’s best friend, Chris, an amazing guy who just hadn’t met the right woman yet.
Fast forward 13 months.
The four of us flew to California to witness Mary and Chris promise forever to each other.
All because she dared to ask big.
And it changed the course of her life forever.

Over the last decade, I’ve found myself on the receiving end of many different kinds of asks.
Each appeal, whether modest or grand, has been a privilege rather than a burden.
Though not all wishes were within my power to grant, the joy of assisting, even in the smallest of ways, has been a profound source of fulfillment.

And while these asks never bother me, I often find myself shying away from making such requests of my own.
Which has made me ponder: Why are we so afraid to ask for things that matter to us?
Why the double standard?
Why do we assume others wouldn’t be just as willing to help us as we are to help them?

Asking big requires a level of vulnerability that doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
It could be the fear of being a burden, the dread of rejection, or the unease of stepping outside our comfort zones.
We limit ourselves before others can limit us.
Yet, whenever we hold back a request, we also hold back the possibility of a yes.

It’s often the fear of a two-letter word—’ no.’
Consider for a moment the worst-case scenario: they say ‘no.’
You find yourself right where you started, no less rich in experience and perhaps even more fortified for the next ask.
In fact, you’ve gained the knowledge and the closure to move forward rather than lingering in the ‘what could have been.’
And yet, the mere act of asking is a victory in itself, a testament to your bravery.

But what if—just imagine—they say yes?
That simple three-letter word could open a world of new possibilities.
It’s the ‘yes’ that has launched careers, formed lifelong partnerships, and started love stories, much like Mary’s.

What if we saw asking big not as an imposition but as an opportunity?
An opportunity for others to play a part in our story just like we have had the privilege of playing in theirs.

Most importantly, God invites us to pray big.
Nothing is too big for Him.
He’s not looking for formalities or perfect words, just the honest desires of our hearts, spoken with the straightforwardness of a friend.
We are asking big because we believe in His goodness and ability to do much more than we could ever imagine.
So let’s not whisper our prayers with hesitation but share them with the boldness of knowing we’re heard by someone who can turn the tide in our favor.

So what asks have you been holding back?
And more importantly—what is stopping you from asking it?
Whether you seek a favor, a friend, or a leap of faith, let the story of Mary’s simple and brave question inspire you.
So go ahead and embrace your inner Mary.
Your big ask could be the key to an unexpected chapter, a new journey, or a life-changing encounter.