I was at a high school basketball game two years ago, and we were up against a really tough team. My friend, Jolie, was sitting next to me, and said, “I always tell my kids that they MUST put the time in on the driveway if they want to see the results on the court.”

That phrase, “put the time in on the driveway,” struck me as such an excellent metaphor for life. That God rewards the people who are faithful in preparation.
The ones putting the time in on the driveway, regardless of whether they are a starter.
He wants us to practice AS IF we are a starter.
He wants us to be ready whether we play the entire game or are still on the bench.
If you live with the mindset of a benchwarmer, you will continue to be a benchwarmer. But if you practice with the mindset of a starter, you will begin playing like a starter. And when the time comes, and your name is called to be in the game, YOU WILL BE READY.

Is there any area of your life you are underfunding and over-expecting?
I once heard a quote that “Every job you do is a self-portrait of who you are.”
We should commit to mark every task given to us with an autograph of excellence.

When you are obsessed with what everyone else is doing or how well others are playing the game, you will never discover how YOU were meant to play. In other words, your God-given purpose will begin to unfold as you put your time in on the driveway with consistent preparation for what He has instructed you to focus on. He rewards the faithful. He rewards those who are ready with gifts you can’t even imagine.