There is something truly refreshing and rare about being real.  

The overwhelming inauthenticity of social media tends to perpetuate the lie that we cannot show anything less than perfection. It doesn’t mean you have to spill your innermost thoughts to every person you meet. But it does mean you are TRUE to your own personality and values, regardless of external pressures.

People are drawn to you because of YOU. Because of your gifts and your unique and quirky likes and dislikes. It is time to start owning that, for it is your authenticity that draws the right people to you. God had a specific plan when He created you and knew how your unique traits would be used for a specific purpose.

To continue with the facade of who you are NOT is exhausting and stressful. It inhibits genuine connections with others, and after a while, you begin to lose touch with your values and your once clear goals and vision get very foggy.

I am dedicating this post today to all of those who may not be ready for your own unfiltered transparency but find joy, comfort, and perhaps even a new sense of courage in hearing someone else go first.

So, here goes.

Top Ten Things I No Longer Care If People Know:

  1. I actually 100% believe I have a decent chance of winning the Powerball or Mega-Millions when it goes over the billion-dollar mark. I don’t care what the statistics are.
  2. If I don’t feel like taking a shower, I believe swimming in our pool at night when everyone is asleep is pretty much the same thing…minus the soap.
  3. I will hold a stranger’s hand on a plane when it gets bumpy. Whether they are happy about it or not.
  4. I check my voicemail only once a week. (Working on that one)
  5. Whenever I pass someone holding a sign that says “Need Money for family” or something of that nature, my heart hurts. No matter how many times people tell me they will just buy alcohol with it. It doesn’t change the fact that there are hurting people who’s eyes are filled with pain, and I want to change their circumstances. It’s my responsibility to give as my heart is moved.
  6. I hold fast to the belief that if someone throws out a cigarette in the car in front of me and I drive over it, that my car will automatically blow up.
  7. I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner every single night…with a plastic knife on a paper towel. No dishes and easy cleanup. At the same time, I love those who love cooking.
  8. I am afraid of anybody’s dog but my own.
  9. I believe the people who make their homes freezing at night and get under 10 heavy blankets are happier than those who don’t.
  10. I think wearing four- inch heels gives me a superpower that isn’t there when I wear flip-flops.

Goodness that feels good to get it out of my mind and into a message to you.

You should try it. It’s quite liberating. Would love to hear your unfiltered authenticity. You can reply to this email to tell me one if it helps to get it off your chest. I promise it will stay in the vault. Unless it’s really worthy of my next post…then, of course, I will keep you anonymous. This world needs a lot less fake and vast amounts of real. Laughter and authenticity bring unity.

And the miraculous happens when we are truly connected.