Let’s start this year with a game I like to call fast-forward.
Go with me to December 31, 2024.
358 days from now.
What ONE thing could you accomplish by that day that would have the most profound impact on your life?

Legend has it that Michelangelo was asked by the Pope how he was able to create what is considered to be one of the greatest sculpting masterpieces of all time.
The statute of David.
Michelangelo responded by saying,
It’s simple. I just removed everything that was not David.

David required his undivided attention.
Every day, Michelangelo had to show up, chisel in hand, dedicated solely to removing everything that did not align with his vision.
I sometimes picture David dismissing a bit of marble like,
Nope, that’s not David. That’s just another documentary on Netflix.

Imagine, though, if he had been distracted.
If he’d paused every few minutes to check his messages.
Or scroll through Renaissance Instagram.
David might have ended up with one too many arms.
Or no eyebrows.

Just like Michelangelo, we are able to identify our David.
But instead of unwavering focus, we also talk about our David.
We Instagram him with inspirational quotes.
Maybe even write a heartfelt post and tag it with #MyYearForDavid
But ultimately, we wind up just admiring it from a safe distance.
We end up at year’s end, still staring at the same block of marble.
Aka, our unfulfilled potential.

Practically speaking, say your David is learning a new language.
You download the apps with excitement and watch the tutorials with determination.
But soon, life’s little distractions get in the way.
Instead of practicing phrases, you’re down a YouTube rabbit hole watching cats playing pianos.
Before you know it, the year has flown by,
and your linguistic skills are still stuck at hello and goodbye.

It’s not that mastering a language is unachievable.
It’s that our focus drifts to everything BUT learning the language.

So, as you face your own block of marble, ask yourself,
What do I need to remove today to get closer to my masterpiece?
Remember, your David is absolutely there.
The magic lies in the simplicity of Michelangelo’s approach.
To prune away the distractions, the procrastinations, and the non-essentials.
To get rid of unnecessary clutter in your life and in your mind.
Until all that’s left is your David.
Your goal, realized.

And by the time the year wraps up,
I fully believe you will be standing there,
not just with a finished goal,
but with a living, breathing testament to your dedication.