I love a good metaphor.
I am terrible at using them, but I still love them.
However, ‘A watched pot never boils’ always perplexed me.
Because it simply isn’t true. I have stood there and watched from beginning to end. And yes, the water still boils when you are watching it. However, those are precious minutes of my life that I will never be able to get back.

Have you ever convinced yourself that merely fixating on something with great intensity would influence its outcome?
Or that your mere presence could influence things that, in reality, need nothing more than time and patience?

We all have our ‘pots’.
Those things we cling to, believing our intense focus can change outcomes. Whether it’s waiting anxiously by our phones for that one text message or important phone call, glancing out the window hoping for the mailman to drop off a much-anticipated letter or check, or refreshing our email inbox multiple times a minute. In this age of technology, we have so many digital ‘pots’ – the social media post we hope gets enough likes or the online application we hope gets approved. Whether it’s a relationship, a job, or a personal dream, it’s that thing we watch with bated breath, waiting for it to ‘boil.’

But why is it that when we lessen our obsessive hold, things seem to progress naturally? Perhaps it’s because God, in His infinite wisdom, works best in the space of our surrender.
When we take our eyes off our ‘pot’ and entrust them to God, we shift from our limited understanding to embracing His limitless grace.
By not focusing too intensely on our wants, we trust God’s perfect timing, allowing Him to move in ways we can’t foresee.
And when we momentarily detach, not only do we make room for miracles, but we also recognize the countless other blessings He bestows upon us daily.
When we release our tight grip, we truly allow God to work in us and for us.

Years ago, my journey to motherhood felt like a waiting game by a pot of water.
While some paths to motherhood are smooth, ours was a roller coaster marked by three painful miscarriages. Each loss deepened my desperation and made me hyperfocus on conceiving. I mistakenly believed that by obsessing over it, I was signaling to God just how much I wanted it. The idea of letting go, even for a second, felt like I was saying that I didn’t want it enough. Even the very thought of momentarily taking a pause felt as if I was betraying my dreams.

However, when I allowed myself to step back from the rigid narrative I had crafted about the timing of my journey, I discovered a new peace that I had lost along the way. Yes, we were blessed with two wonderful girls, but I recognized that it wasn’t just about becoming a mom. It was learning to trust God’s timeline, which is always purposeful, divinely orchestrated, and perfectly aligned with our ultimate good.

Just like the pot that will boil in its own time, regardless of our watchful eyes, God’s plans for our lives will unfold in His perfect timing. Our hovering, worrying, and stressing won’t speed up the process. In fact, it may only serve to delay things, as we’re too wrapped up in our efforts to notice the miracles happening right before our eyes.

Think about that one thing you’re clutching so desperately.
Be it a dream, a desire, or a situation.
Imagine, just for a moment, loosening your grip.
I’m not talking about giving up hope.
Or ceasing to pray.
I’m talking about giving it room to breathe.
To reflect on God’s promises, His faithfulness in the past, and His unchanging nature.
While God values our passion and commitment, He cherishes our trust even more.

Step away from the pot.
Let God do His thing.
You will discover that the water will boil perfectly, in its own time, and in ways far better than you could ever have imagined.