Do you ever get so overwhelmed with making a decision that you feel mentally and emotionally paralyzed?
Frozen to the point where you would almost rather someone else just make the choice for you and be done with it?

A year ago, this month, I received a call that not only left me in a state of shock but also required numerous important decisions to be made.

I was in the parking lot of Walgreens at 9:15am when I received a phone call from the doctor’s office.
A very kind voice said the dreaded words, “Jill, I’m so sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer.”
I still remember that moment as if it happened this morning.
Time felt like it stood still yet ironically I was hoping it would speed up so it would all just be a distant memory.

Suddenly, one become aware of the vastness of decisions that need to be made in order to get to the other side of this seemingly insurmountable mountain.  And within no time at all you become buried with the burden of anxiety crippling you from making ANY decisions at all.

However, in the greatest darkness shines the brightest light, and the strongest hope.
There are TWO things I know for sure.
And I can write these two things with more certainty than any other subject I will ever share.

First of all, God has done and can still do the impossible.
He is the same God that parted an entire sea so people could walk to other side.
Not only that, but He was strategic about it and the very sea that allowed them to cross ALSO killed the enemy that sought to destroy them.

And secondly, He will give you the grace AND wisdom you need to walk through it.
He may not tell you exactly how it is going to all play out, but what He WILL do is carry your burden while giving you a peace that you won’t be able to even understand.
You won’t have to second guess your decisions because He will guide you.
Every step of the way.
Not every other step.
But EVERY single step.
And if you don’t have the wisdom for a future decision, it’s because you don’t need it yet.
We are not equipped to live in our tomorrows.

So, ask yourself, what is the very next step I need to make today to move forward?
And then ask for God’s wisdom and direction.
For me, it was navigating what kind of surgery I needed.
If I would have tried to carry the weight of treatment on the other side of surgery, it would have crushed me.

Tomorrow’s trials will come with new grace and new wisdom.
You don’t have to save up what He gave you today.
He will provide what you need WHEN you need it.
And He will provide it generously.
This I know.