When I think of the term ‘Survivor,’ my mind paints several vivid pictures. I think of the people who have waged fierce battles against devastating illnesses like cancer, emerging victorious. I consider the strength of those who have pieced their lives back together after monumental heartbreak or loss, rediscovering joy. Most recently, however, my mind has drifted towards a somewhat unusual symbol of survival – the popular reality show, ‘Survivor.’

It started 23 years ago and is still going strong.
I haven’t watched it for years.
But last week I took a trip with my family, and somehow, we settled in to watch an entire season of Survivor.
In three days.
By the end of the season, it seemed as though we had also survived the sleepless nights, the snake sightings, the spider bites, the food shortages, and the mind-boggling obstacle courses that I still couldn’t quite decipher.

The one thing that stuck out to me was the contestants’ ability to exceed their own perceived limits. Once the show was over, many admitted it was the most grueling experience they had ever faced. They said there were many moments they absolutely did not think they would make it through.  

Think of the most challenging thing you have ever gone through.
Not the trial you may be in right now.
But the one you went through in the PAST. 
The most difficult season of your life.
Your own ’Survivor’ reality show.
Whether it was emotionally, financially, or physically.
The time you said, “I have no idea how I will ever make it through this.”
Yet you DID.
You survived.

Regardless of whether quitting was an option or not, you are on the other side of it. You’ve emerged from the fog of the trial you couldn’t find a resolution for. You are on the other side of the adversity that tested your faith, your endurance, and maybe even your sanity.  

It is worth taking a minute today to remind yourself that getting through the biggest hardship of your life is not contingent on knowing how the story will play out. After all, if you knew how the story would play out, it wouldn’t build your faith or your trust in knowing God has already gone before you and knows the way out. 

Practically speaking, I keep a piece of paper in my purse that lists all of the things that God has brought me through when I wasn’t sure of the game plan. It reminds me that just because God isn’t talking to me about the problem doesn’t mean He doesn’t have a solution.
He is NEVER without a solution.
Make your own list.
Write down all the times you had no immediate answer or resolution, and He brought you through.
In doing so, it will be a constant reminder that He is the same God today as He was for every instance on your list. 

Whatever struggle you’re currently wrestling with, know this – there will certainly be a time when you will add it to the testament of times when God’s grace carried you right through it when you saw no way out.
He is faithful.