One of the questions I am asked frequently is, “How do I know what my purpose is?” Or, “How do I know which road I am supposed to take?” Sometimes it is barely lit and we cannot see beyond the next step. There are no actual directions or bright yellow signs saying, “Turn Left” or “Make a U-turn.” Our heads may be filled with doubts, fears and internal criticisms, and we may be unsure whether to go or to stay.

The answer is…
First, stand still.
Simply, so you can listen
and feel
and allow your compass to reset.

When you are still, it makes you intentional about listening closely.
About seeing things clearly.
And mostly about feeling the true pull of your heart…not the pull of something or someone else.

We are pulled in all directions all day.
Every day.
Month after month.
Year after year.
So much so that we no longer listen to the desires that God placed in our hearts.

Instead of going to everyone else for answers—to friends, to social media, to articles, to quizzes and tests—try listening to the ONE thing that only you can know.
Your heart.

Watch the magnetic pull of the arrow on your heart’s compass. Which direction is it pulling you? Which door is it pointing towards? Which path is it shedding a little light on? If you stand still, it will get quiet enough that you may rediscover an answer that is buried yet has been there all along.

Discover the direction the arrow is pointing, and then take a simple step.
And keep following it.
Even when the road bends.
It is the best road map you will ever find.

Follow the compass of your heart.
After all, God is the one who put it there!

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.