Have you ever experienced a time when it felt like the music of your life just stopped playing? It may have been a long time coming, or it may have happened unexpectedly. But one day, you realized that you could no longer hear the melody in your life. For those of you experiencing this now, it may have been weeks, months or even years since you have heard a happy tune in your heart…or any tune at all, for that matter.

When I started taking piano lessons at five years old, I quickly learned that when any two keys that are directly side by side are played together, they produce a sound that is not always pleasing to the ear. If played over and over again, they are actually painful to hear.

But when those same notes are played together as part of a bigger piece (the complete song), they produce the richest, deepest sound.

Agitation and pain in our lives are like those dissonant chords. They feel painful, and we cover our ears or try to run as far from the noise as possible. We want it to stop, and we long for the pleasant melody that we once knew.

But when we can no longer hear the melody and the noise becomes too much to bear, it does not mean the melody has stopped playing. Those notes, as agitating as they may be, are part of a greater masterpiece that the Master Composer is creating. We can never forget that God is the Master Composer. He is the Great Conductor. Anything we attempt to compose on our own will pale in comparison, and ultimately fail.

So when it feels like the music of your life has completely stopped,
Or when it doesn’t sound like music at all,
Allow Him to do His work in you,
At His time and His pace.

Don’t lose hope.

The music will begin again.

And it will be a masterpiece like no other.