When the clock turns from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am, a brand new day begins.  But other than the time changing to midnight, nothing signifies the end of one day and the beginning of the next.  As a matter of fact, it looks just as dark in the first minute of a new day as it did in the last minute of the old day.

Likewise, when you have entered into a new season, you can’t always see a difference right away.  Everything around you may look exactly the same.  Your heart still hurts like it did the day before.  You still don’t know where or how the money will come in to pay for the growing bills. You still feel perplexed by the fact that no doors seem to be opening for you when you have been faithfully standing on God’s promises.

However, the sun has never not risen.

The beauty of a new day is that we know the sun will rise, no matter how dark it is at midnight.  We don’t ever doubt it.  And it is that same unshakable faith that God wants us to have when we are in the middle of the darkness.

HE can see we are in a new day before we can see the visible signs of it.
HE can see the people and circumstances lining up in our favor for His purposes before any hint of it is ever shown to us.
HE knows precisely when you will come out of the tunnel and into the light.
It isn’t for us to know.

So in the darkness, the tunnel, the often-deafening silence, you have to trust and know you WILL enter a new day. With the same faith you have when you go to sleep at night, that a new morning is on the horizon. It won’t be dark forever. Though you may not know at first when the new day starts, it is just a matter of time until you will see evidence that the light has replaced the darkness.

But don’t wait until you see the signs with your eyes to thank God for carrying you through. Your grateful heart, coupled with your faith that the sun indeed will rise, will give you a supernatural strength that only He can provide.

So fear not when you cannot see the dawn.
The most beautiful things are birthed out of the darkest moments.