Do you ever feel like there are two versions of yourself?
The one who gets out of bed in the morning and the one who goes to sleep at night?

I refer to my two versions as Morning Jill and Evening Jill.
They are constantly at war with each other.

Morning Jill is not a fan of her evening self.
You see, she wakes up, excited to start the day early, ready to hit the ground running.
But Evening Jill often sabotages her plan.
Evening Jill stays up so late that Morning Jill has zero chance of getting up at the crack of dawn.
Evening Jill eats ice cream at midnight, thereby also deflating Morning Jill’s excitement of stepping on the scale to see any progress at all.
Morning Jill also makes ALL kinds of social plans with people that she KNOWS her night self will be tired and want to cancel.

So, as you can see, these two are very rarely in sync.
There is, however, one thing Morning Jill does that Evening Jill actually thanks her for.
She gets up to pray for her children, husband, and team.
She does this because she knows the afternoon and evening will get away from her.
Ask yourself this question today:
What is your January self doing right now that your December self will thank you for staying consistent?

You may have the desire to learn a new language this year.
By consistently spending ten minutes a day, you will have logged 60 hours by the time the next New Year’s Eve rolls around. And 60 hours spent on anything will give you way more knowledge than never starting at all.

You may have the desire to get healthy this year.
Count me in on this one.
Take ten minutes a day to do one thing that includes some sort of exercise.
Walking, jumping rope (not my favorite), pushups, swimming, playing tennis, etc.
And by the time December 31st hits, you will have done 60 hours of exercising.
That’s not nothing!Lastly, you may have the desire to get organized this year.
My phone has 97,000 photos and videos.
That should be a crime.
I don’t need nor want 97,000 photos or videos on my phone.
It feels too overwhelming.
Therefore, I decided to spend ten minutes a day deleting things that I will never need and just never took the time to remove them.
The thought of tackling that project is so overwhelming that I don’t even want to start.
But I have now successfully deleted 2000 photos and counting.
All because I committed to ten minutes a day.

What do you want your December 2023 self to thank your January 2023 self for?
Write it down or type it out right now.
And then commit to ten minutes a day toward that goal.
I promise you if you remain consistent, you will not be the same person you were at the beginning of the year.
Your confidence to complete a goal will spill over to other areas of your life, including your job, family, calling, and friendships.

We spend hours and hours on our phones, mindlessly perusing other people’s lives.
It is time we focus on the gifts and desires God gave us and steward them by starting to learn, create, declutter, and grow into the best version of you
Practically speaking, this is a game changer, and I believe you will someday soon write yourself a thank you note for beginning today!