It is said that we are either currently facing a challenge, just recovering from one, or about to enter into a new struggle. I have never appreciated this thought. It’s rather disheartening in some ways, but it does contain a certain degree of truth.
So, what can we do when we are entering a difficult period or are smack dab in the middle of one? We can cling on for dear life like a wild roller coaster ride, or we can choose to do this ONE thing that will TRANSFORM how we navigate the hardships.
Every morning, when I arrive at my office, I close the door and start the day by thanking God FOR any heavy burdens I am carrying in the metaphorical backpack of life. That goes against everything I am feeling because it seems very counterintuitive. Who wants to thank God FOR the difficulty, the heartache, the setbacks, and the disruptions to our peace?
But yet, I have started to thank God FOR the fruit it will yield, the lives it will impact, and the purpose that will emerge from the weight of the struggles
This simple act accomplishes THREE key things:
1.It shifts my focus from me to the One who can truly carry the load for me.
2.It transforms the posture of my heart, and the act of gratitude creates a momentum that leads me directly to the calm at the center of the storm, where peace passes any understanding I have or don’t have.
3.Ultimately, it propels me forward, NOT backward. Every step forward is a step towards greater freedom and hope.
You have NOTHING to lose by fully embracing gratitude in the most challenging season of your life.
And EVERYTHING to gain.
So, start today. Lay down your backpack at His feet and begin to thank Him for the contents within. This will RADICALLY CHANGE how you navigate through hardship, bringing with it PEACE even in the midst of PAIN.
Remember, this too shall pass. The choice is yours. It will either pass with resistance and frustration or with joy, swiftness, and freedom from fear that you never thought possible.