Every parent has that signature catchphrase they use during difficult moments.
My mom’s was, Wake me when it’s over.

As a kid, I didn’t fully understand the depth of what she was saying.
But now, as a parent, and frankly, just as an adult,  I get it.
I really, really get it.

Parenting stretches you in ways you never imagined possible.
You’ll experience exhilarating highs and profound lows.
There are milestones filled with nothing but pure joy.
But there are also moments of desperation that may make you whisper,
Wake me when it’s over.

I now realize my mom’s phrase was never about giving up.
It was about giving over.
To God.
And then going into a metaphorical rest.

It’s about entrusting our children to God, believing that He intervenes in ways we can’t,
with wisdom we don’t possess,
and with a love that never fails.

For any parent out there feeling worn thin by worry, heartache, or the relentless demands of parenting, take heart.
You don’t have to carry this all on your own.
Let your prayer be, Wake me when it’s over.
Not as a signal that you’re stepping back but that you’re stepping into a different kind of action. One of giving up trying to control the uncontrollable and entrusting your family into God’s capable hands.

If you want to know the single most significant thing you can do for your children when solutions seem out of reach, it is to pray. There is more power in a moment of prayer than in a lifetime of trying to force answers.

The beauty of this approach is that it frees us from the grip of anxiety and hopelessness.
It allows us to live with a peaceful heart and a clear mind,
confident that we are doing our best and that God is handling the rest. It’s about sleeping through the storm, not because we are ignorant of the thunder, but because we trust the One who controls the weather.

So, when you feel like throwing your hands up and saying, I give up, change that to I give over. To God.
and that will change everything.