Do you ever feel like everyone else has a platform with a purpose yet the last time you were anywhere near a platform was when you walked across the stage getting your high-school diploma?

“Platforms” are not just reserved for the lead pastor at your place of worship.
Or for the musician touring the country.
Or the Broadway shows in New York City.

Contrary to what you may feel, God’s favor is not limited to the celebrated few.
He gives all kinds of platforms to each one of us.
A classroom for the teacher or a stage for the speaker.
A kitchen for the chef or the boardroom for the business leader.
A canvas for the artist or a garden for the gardener.
Each is a stage for impact, no matter its size or visibility.

For the last decade, making bracelets, something I never envisioned as a ‘platform,’ has become my calling.
And the truth is, this was not a platform I had ever imagined.
But the journey has taught me an invaluable lesson.
The smallest of stages can have the mightiest of impacts.
You see, it has never been about the bracelet.
They are just the vehicle with which we get to connect with people and give hope.

Likewise, you don’t have to wait for your dream career to find your platform.
You may be in the middle of a job you think has nothing to do with your calling.
You might hold a position where you cannot see a platform of any shape or size.
Trust me, though. It’s there.

You can discover ways to speak life into those around you in any job.
Even in the most doldrum position you have ever held, there was a platform.
A moment someone needed something that only YOU could give.

In every season of life, there’s a chance to inspire, uplift, and make a difference.
That quiet moment of encouragement to a colleague,
the extra mile you go for a customer,
the integrity you bring to your task,
these are the platforms God gifts us daily.
They may not be grand stages or bright spotlights, but they are where real, meaningful impacts are made.

It is tempting to rush through this season in life, wishing your way to the next place just because you can’t see the purpose or the platform.
Ask God for a NEW awareness of that platform at this very moment and season of your life.
It will bring a indescribable joy into even the most arduous of times.

So, don’t be so focused and anxious about building your platform.
It’s not about chasing after grand stages.
It’s about being faithful in the small things.
And doing what you love with excellence.
As you do, watch how God seamlessly lifts you onto the platform He’s prepared.
One that perfectly aligns with your journey and His perfect plan.