Have you ever felt excited and confident about something, only for a single comment to knock you off course?

On day one of Spring Break this year, I proudly walked down the beach in my brand new neon green cover-up pants despite my family’s pleas to reconsider.
However, I bought them just for the trip, and nothing would stop me.

Until day two.
When someone jokingly said, You remind me of a highlighter.
Usually, I’m not one to be deterred by a single comment, but somehow, those pants suddenly lost all their lure.
In my mind, I was now a walking, talking neon marker.

Needless to say, the pants were banished to the bottom of my suitcase.
Never to see the light of day again.

Isn’t it interesting how one little comment can completely change our perception of something we were so excited about? Maybe it was a remark about a project you were proud of, your hairstyle, your laugh, or a social media post you made.
It can come from anyone at any moment, and its impact can be profound.
Even paralyzing.
Like a drop of ink in clear water, it spreads.
Coloring your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your abilities.

Suddenly, your confidence is shaken, and your passion for that thing becomes dulled. You are held captive by uncertainty and can’t seem to break free from the echoes of the words.

Practically speaking, how can we move past those moments that have lingered far too long?

1. Write it down: Start by writing down the exact comment that has lodged itself in your mind. Seeing the words on paper can diminish their power, making them smaller and more manageable.

2. Consider the source: Reflect on who made the remark. Was it a trusted advisor or just a bystander? This perspective helps you gauge the relevance and truth of the remark.

3. Consider the accuracy: Evaluate the comment critically. Is it a reflection of reality, or just noise that needs to be dismissed? By identifying, evaluating, and questioning these unkind words, you can start to silence their echoes and regain your confidence and passion.

Life is too short and too precious to be dictated by the opinions of others.
God did not create you to be a people-pleaser.
Let it go, forgive if necessary, and move on.
He created you to live boldly as the unique masterpiece you were created to be.