I live with three people.
My husband and two teenage daughters.
Half of my family is what you might call health enthusiasts.
No sugar. No gluten. No late-night ice cream runs.
On top of that, they also like to get up at 5:30 in the morning to workout.
Who are these people and how are we related?

I am here. Crunching cookies at home.
They are there. Crunching abs at the gym.
There is a wide chasm between here and there.
Every morning I wake up with anticipation.
Thinking a bridge is going to magically appear so I can walk straight over to my there.

Do you ever feel you’re standing at the brink of a breakthrough?
You wake up with hope every morning, thinking this may be the day.
Yet, the bridge remains invisible.
So, you go to sleep with a lingering sense of unfulfillment.
Caught in the relentless dance between hope and disappointment.

Fueled by your dreams one minute and knocked down by reality the next.
Maybe you want a job you love that doesn’t feel like work.
Or you’ve prayed for a soulmate who really gets you and will walk with you through thick and thin.
Perhaps you are so passionate about a dream you have, yet it seems like every step forward is met with two steps back.

The absence of a visible bridge is not an absence of God’s plan.
But in order to build a bridge, it sometimes requires stepping out knowing that a path will come into view AS you walk.
You keep taking steps not because you can see the way, but because you trust God knows where you’re headed.
Bridges don’t just spring up out of nowhere, fully formed and ready to go.
They’re built piece by piece.
And your journey is no different.

Here are three practical steps to help move you across the wide gap:

1. Identify your there. What is your heart’s true north? Think about that place or purpose tugging at you. That idea or dream that won’t let you go. 

2. Identify the gap. This gap might be fears, questions, resources, or practical needs. It’s about laying out the challenges honestly, not discouraging you but preparing you for the journey ahead.

3. Lay the first plank. It’s that initial, tangible step towards your goal. Begin with something small but significant. This first step doesn’t have to be a giant leap; it just needs to move you closer to your there.

Each action you take, no matter how small, is a plank in your bridge.
Before you know it, you will find yourself on the other side.
Looking back in awe at the path that unfolded before you.
One that only appeared because you trusted God enough to start walking.
One plank at a time.