We are typically, by nature, creatures of habit. We drive the same roads to work each day. We walk, bike, or run down the same streets or paths. We grocery shop at the same grocery store and often fill our carts with similar items each week. We have a favorite coffee shop or breakfast spot we like to frequent. And those with little ones usually have a predictable system for naps, feeding, bath, and bedtime.

When I was a family lawyer, I saw so many families who desperately needed encouragement, hope, and, most of all, PRAYER. It was then I started a habit that I wish I had begun years earlier.

While blow-drying my hair before work each day, I began to pray for my friend Sharon. Her husband was my high school basketball coach, and although she and I didn’t know each other very well, I knew I loved her and that she had such a big heart. I wasn’t praying for anything in particular. She just happened to come to my mind one morning, and I started to pray for her and her family. As silly as it may sound, after a couple of weeks, I couldn’t dry my hair without praying for Sharon.

I still don’t know why she came to my mind that day, but God works in mysterious ways and has chosen me to pray for her for more than twenty years now.

Inspired by my habit of praying for Sharon, I also started incorporating prayer into other activities. I decided to start designating other “regular” tasks as my time to pray for specific people and things on my heart. For example, I have a short, five-minute drive to the office after I drop my girls off for school. Same drive, five days a week. So I turn off the radio and pray something very specific for each of them for their school day.

The other “prayer assignments” I have created include:

  • Brushing my teeth (that person gets prayed for three times a day!).
  • Putting my makeup on.
  • Walking my dog.
  • Driving to pick up the girls

And the list goes on.

If I’m going to multi-task, I cannot think of a better way!

Creating prayer assignments doesn’t need to be complicated. Neither does praying. It’s just having a conversation—a daily conversation—with a friend. I have seen many prayers answered through even the shortest prayer assignments. You may be someone else’s prayer assignment and not even know it!

Ps. I pray for you, my blog family, as I put in my contacts daily. Until I decide to get laser eye surgery. Then I will have to attach you to a new habit!