In a video that recently captured my attention, a girl stood, clasping a broken piece of glass in her hands. Her palms bled from the sharp edges. I watched as she stubbornly refused to relinquish her grip, whispering to herself, “It used to be something beautiful.”

Upon witnessing the video, my initial reaction was a deep-seated urge to yell to her through my screen, “LET IT GO!” How could one willingly endure so much pain, clinging to something solely based on its past beauty? It boggled me to see someone hurt themselves when the solution was glaringly apparent.

This raw and heartfelt metaphor is not as far-fetched as you may think.
It truly resonates with the dilemmas that so many of us grapple with.
The fear of the unfamiliar makes us hold on to these painful remnants, even when our hearts and minds know better.

We often see letting go of the broken pieces as a sign of giving up, like we’re losing hope of fixing or restoring what was lost.
Yet, letting go is NOT defeat.
It is an act of faith.
Faith in a God, who knows and sees every thought and every tear, and is ready to help us release the broken pieces we have been clutching ever so tightly.

You may have to wear bandages and nurture that wound as it heals.
But the agony you thought would last forever will eventually begin to ebb.
During this period, we experience God’s comfort and healing like never before, reminding us that we are not alone and that He is the great Healer.

In the middle of this unusual one-sided screen conversation with the girl holding the broken glass, I longed to communicate another crucial message to her.
I felt compelled to tell her that after she relinquishes the broken glass and has given herself the time and space to heal, she should eagerly anticipate the emergence of something new.

This would be the exciting part!
This step doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing.
It means preparing your heart for what is ahead.

You see, God is not a God of half-measures.
He doesn’t patch up the old;
He creates something new,
something better,
something more beautiful.

Yes, the broken glass we grieve over was once beautiful, but what we’re given in return is more than just a repair—it’s a total transformation
Letting go is not the end.
It is simply a wonderful new beginning.
It’s the promise of a stained-glass masterpiece, each shard a testament to trials overcome, faith strengthened, and a new beauty borne of brokenness.

In releasing the broken pieces, you don’t lose their past beauty; instead, God causes them to become part of something even more beautiful…
A magnificent mosaic of your life.