One of the most fascinating and riveting stories in the Bible is when Moses led the Israelites out of the slavery of Egypt straight to the mighty Red Sea. They watched in awe as God parted it for them to go across to freedom!

When I picture this miracle, I see the mountains on either side of Israelites, the Red Sea in front of them, and the Egyptians chasing them from behind. If there was ever a picture of what “trapped” looks like, this would take the prize. There seemed to be absolutely no way out. At least, no way they could see with their natural eyes.

Yet God LED the Israelites to the place where His power could be showcased in a mighty way.

Recently, I was in a season where I felt trapped on every side. I saw no way out of a difficult situation and had no idea how God was going to part the very large Red Sea in front of me. I saw no boat in sight, and I had lost the will to try and swim across. My consistent cry and prayer was, “God, I’m ready for you to part the sea in front of me! Can you let me know how and when that is going to happen?”

One evening, I pulled my car over in a parking lot out of sheer desperation to cry out again for a miraculous parting. I pleaded, “God, please part the sea in front of me, or at least give me a way to fly over it!”

God spoke to my heart that night in a very quiet whisper. He said, “Just because you cannot see it parting does not mean it isn’t parting from the other side.”

In my limited knowledge of Red Sea partings, I had always pictured it parting from the side I was standing on. Never did it dawn on me that God was parting it from the other side…and at any moment, I might see a way across.

And that is exactly what happened.

One week later, there was a parting of my Red Sea. Not the way I had pictured or planned, but a better way. God’s way.

We’ve all had seasons of feeling trapped by impossibilities on all sides, with no way out. Sometimes we’re up to our knees in water, or ready to collapse in defeat. No matter how we try, we just can’t imagine a scenario that will bring us relief or freedom.

But God ALWAYS provides a parting.

He ALWAYS provides a path.

He ALWAYS provides a way across.

Just rarely in the way we imagine!

So first, pray.


Then trust Him to provide the way across your Red Sea.

And He will.

Every single time.

Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”