You are NOT their criticism. You are NOT their praise.
Have you ever heard the phrase “you’re only as good as your last movie” for actors or “you’re only as good as your last book” for writers? This saying seems to reverberate across various professions, perpetuating the idea that our worth is intrinsically tied to our latest achievements.

For example, some might say:
Entrepreneurs are only as good as their last venture.
Or salespeople are only as good as their last sale.
Others may say pastors are only as good as their last sermon.
Or jewelry designers are only as good as their last bracelet!
It’s a sentiment that seems to echo throughout our success-driven society, where accomplishments and accolades often define how we see ourselves. As a result, we get trapped in an endless cycle of seeking approval, leaving us feeling like our confidence is entirely dependent on the words of others.
It’s like we give others the power to dictate our self-worth.

One minute we are thriving on their praise and the very next moment we are crushed by their disapproval. We constantly find ourselves oscillating between the heights of elation and the depths of despair. We start to believe that our worth is tied to the number of likes we receive on social media, the amount of money we earn, the frequency of our social life, our relationship status, the applause we receive from our boss or coworkers, or the judgment we encounter from those who don’t understand us.

However, here is a transforming truth:
You are not their criticism.
You are not their praise.
You are who HE says you are.
We were not created to be people-pleasers.
We were designed to bring glory to God.
When we allow other’s words or even our own mistakes to define us, we forget that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who loves us unconditionally.

Practically speaking, it’s time to step back and ask ourselves an important question:
Whose eyes are we looking through when we see ourselves?
Are we letting other people’s praise, opinions, or judgments define our self-worth, or do we see ourselves through the eyes of the One who created us?
Only by understanding WHO you really are can you cultivate a strong sense of confidence that doesn’t waver with the words of others.

You are a unique and beautifully crafted creation, intentionally designed by the Creator Himself. It means you have inherent worth and purpose, which are not determined by the world’s standards. That you have your own set of talents and qualities that contribute to the beautiful tapestry of life. God has meticulously designed every aspect of you, imbuing you with a purpose that aligns with His ultimate plan. You are not a mistake or a coincidence; nothing that man can say will ever change that.

As you begin to realize you are not what others say, you are who God says you are, you will start to shift your focus away from the opinions of others and stand firm with confidence that neither their praise, their criticism, nor your mistakes will ever define you.
The praise of others is fleeting.
The love and approval of God are eternal.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14