Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano at 40?
Or what about launching a new business venture in your 50s?
Picture stepping into an art school at 60, eager to translate a lifetime of experiences onto canvas.
publishing a book at 70 and then embarking on a solo travel trip at 80.

Everyone has something that lights a fire within their soul.
An aspiration that quietly kindles excitement.
But too often, as quickly as the idea or dream comes, a familiar doubt creeps in.
Whispering the lie that your time has passed.
That the window for such an adventure has closed.

I was almost 34 when I graduated from law school.
Surrounded by students a decade younger.
Most of whom could still remember their high school locker combinations.
Did I feel out of place? Sometimes, yes.
Did that stop me? Absolutely not.

Being a decade older didn’t make me any less of a lawyer.
Though I will admit, I wasn’t setting the legal world on fire.
Which actually had nothing to do with my age and everything to do with my aversion to the endless sea of legal details. Not the best trait for a lawyer.

Similarly, starting a bracelet company at 41 didn’t take away my entrepreneurial spirit, even if it began more like a handcrafted hobby than a Silicon Valley startup.
I was determined not to subscribe to the It’s Too Late narrative.

So, this blog is for anyone who has ever felt like you are a step behind.
For the daydreamers who are great at making plans but struggle at making them a reality.
It’s for those who have been told you have missed your window.
And everyone who has ever paused to ponder, Is it still possible?

Life isn’t a race where you’re disqualified if you don’t reach certain milestones by specific ages.
Starting something new later in life isn’t a sign of being behind.
It’s a sign of being brave.
It’s about saying Why not? Instead of Why bother?

You want to start a blog at 65? Yes, please.
You’re considering ballet at 55? Buy the shoes.
Want to backpack through the national parks at 70? Pack your bags.
There’s only one thing standing in your way.
It’s the outdated belief that there is a right time for everything.

Don’t let the number of candles on your birthday cake trick you into thinking your time for dreaming is over.
Replace the loop in your head.
The one that keeps recounting lost time.
Remember, God is the great redeemer of time.
But He doesn’t steer parked cars.
He guides those in motion.
So, instead of looking back, focus on the time you have in front of you.

You are not too old. Nor are you too young.
Your time has NOT passed.
Your window has NOT closed.
But 2024 will pass regardless of whether you take action or not.
So, may this be the year where you swap out. I wish I had, for I’m glad I did.